About us

We are an innovative food company rooted in the Scandinavian bakery tradition.

Who we are

With more than 25 years of experience in the international food industry we offer our customers unparalleled value in their bakery category. By supplying and/or developing a unique and innovative assortment of bakery products uniquely tailored to the individual customer.

The Office

Our office in Middelfart contains: a kitchen, presentation area, meeting lounges, etc.

Food Safety

We carefully select and monitor all of our suppliers for full product specification, regulatory and business ethics compliance. All suppliers are additionally either IFS or BRC accredited.

Since the very start of Scandinavian Bakehouse we have regularly been monitored by the Danish Ministry of Environment and Food. We hold the highest food safety standard in their accreditation system, called the Smiley Scheme.

The Smiley Scheme informs consumers and increases food companies’ compliance with rules and regulations – thus increasing food safety.

Strategic Partnerships

Our business model is based on transparency, co-creation and ingenuity. We regard our key customers and core suppliers as our strategic partners and would not be able to deliver the value we do without them.

In our pursuit of competitiveness we acknowledge that our relevance is closely linked to the value we contribute with in the product flows and value networks that we are a part of.

TC Brød has been a production and supply chain partner for a number of years. The company offers a strong assortment of ready to bake pastry products as well as sausage rolls and other convenience products developed for the Scandinavian market.

A versatile and very agile partner with a reputation for always surpassing customer expectations.

Europastry is one of the biggest independent bakery companies in Europa and a leader in the frozen dough sector.

An innovative conglomerate that operates in 60 countries with great attention to effectivity, speed and their master baker heritage.